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We are leaders in the laminating vacuum system. Our line of thermo laminators or Vacuum Presses "Avan-Tec" range from semi automatic models to fully automatic models with one tray or two trays with a high efficiency level of production and excellent quality in finished product, using materials designed for thermoforming and high temperature lamination. We also offer professional laminating adhesives and excellent quality vinyl for the process.

Ideal for thermolaminate doors of kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts, closet, desk covers, furniture, parts of recreational vehicles such as RV, parts or furniture of transport vehicles (cars-buses-aerial), doors, made of MDF with different vinyl giving it a wooden finish look.

And any other application where the paint can be replaced by 3D laminate.

Avan-Tec T1200-2A

Double Model, Fully Automatic

With 2 Trays of 3048 mm x 1308 mm each.

Avan-Tec T600-2C

Double Model, Semi Automatic 

With 2 Trays of 2438 mm x 1308 mm each.

Avan-Tec T600-CL

Single Model, Semi Automatic 

With 1 Tray of 2438 mm x 1308 mm.



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