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Avan-Tec Company
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Family business with extensive experience

Designing and manufacturing high quality Thermoforming equipment since 1985, we are a family business directed by people with more than 30 years of experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing heat and vacuum press solutions for the aviation, automotive, composites, solid surface, thermoforming and woodworking industries.


From the semi-automatic to the fully automated system, we are able to build the machine that meets your productivity needs. 100% made in United States. We offer a wide range of vacuum membrane presses, pre-heating ovens & heating stations, hot presses, foil lamination vacuum presses, and hydraulic presses, with optional features that allow us to best meet individual customers’ needs.


Our Avan-Tec Thermoforming machines heat plastic sheets until they're malleable, then use vacuum to form the plastic to a mold. Once the plastic is shaped and cooled is separated from the mold. Thermoformers function best with easy-to-form plastics, such as ABS, polystyrene, and PETG among others.

Our Avan-Tec Thermofoil laminating machines are ideal for the 3D foil lamination of rigid thermoplastic deco foils and thin plastic sheets used for the production of kitchen cabinet doors, panels and other furniture parts. 

Offering technical support 24 hrs. by video chat or onsite service — we won’t leave you in the lurch but rather provide individual support as required.




20960 Sheridan Street, Fort Lauderdale

FL, 33332, USA

Phone: 1-954-404-6365


Mobil & Whats-app: +1-786-277-8474




8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday


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