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Our Thermoforming equipment form the plastic sheets by heating them with infrared lamps and vacuum on the mold. The movements are controlled through PLC and touch screen of easy handling.

We engineer and manufacture the machine that fits your needs. 100% made in United States.


Ideal to thermoform plastics such as acrylics, polystyrenes, polyethylene, PVC, styrene, PET, ABS, Fomi, high density polyethylene and others.

Applicable for the manufacture of billboards, posters and advertising signs, molds, containers, bathtubs, chemical baths, refrigerators, pallets, carts, car and buses body parts, parts for food and logistics industries, and special applications.



From the semi-automatic to the fully automated system, we engineer and build the machine that meets your productivity needs. 100% made in United States.

Avan-Tec Thermoforming or Vacuum Press machines are ideal to shape the plastic or foil, by heating the plastic or foil sheets until they're malleable, then use vacuum to form the plastic to a mold or the vinyl foil to the MDF panel.

We are leaders in the laminating thermofoil vacuum system. Our line of thermo-laminators or Vacuum Presses "Avan-Tec" range from semi-automatic models to fully automatic models with one tray or two trays (work stations) with a high efficiency level of production and excellent quality in finished product, using materials designed for thermoforming and high temperature lamination. We also offer professional laminating adhesives and excellent quality vinyl for the process.


Ideal for thermo-laminate doors of kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts, closet, desk covers, furniture, parts of recreational vehicles such as RV, parts or furniture of transport vehicles (cars-buses-aerial), doors, made of MDF with different vinyl giving it a wooden finish look. And any other application where the paint can be replaced by 3D laminate.




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Pembroke Pines FL 33029, USA

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