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Thermolaminating Avan-Tec T1200-2A


To laminate doors of kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts, closet, desk covers, furniture, parts of recreational vehicles such as RV, parts or furniture of transport vehicles(cars, buses, or aerial), doors, made of MDF with different vinyl giving it a wood finish look.

And any other application where the paint can be replaced by 3D laminate.

Characteristics of the Vacuum Press T1200-2A:

  1. 2 Trays of 120" long X 52" wide each.

  2. 1000W-1500W Infrared Lamp Heating System.

  3. Pneumatic clamp system.

  4. 3 HP vacuum pump.

  5. Control Panel with PLC and touch screen for time and temperature control.

  6. Function: Automatic.

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