Thermoforming Avan-Tec T6000

Application: For the manufacture of Billboard, posters and advertising signs, molds, containers, bathtubs, chemical baths, refrigerators, pallets, containers, carts, car and buses body parts, parts for food industries, logistics companies, special applications, among others.

Characteristics for the Thermoforming T6000:

  • Origin: USA.

  • Areas of work: 6.

  • Process time 3-6 minutes.

  • Maximum sheet sizes: Up to 118"x 118"

  • Thickness up to 3/8"

  • Maximum thermoforming area: Up to 105" x 105".

  • Bottom mold holder travel: Up to 30".

  • Heating areas: 1 with optional 6.

  • Heating system: Tubes infrared quartz.

  • Power consumption: 42 KW.

  • Electrical Voltage: 220v, 50-60hz, 3 Phases. (Other voltages available).

  • Vacuum pump power: 5 HP, 65 cfm.

  • Control panel: Digital, with PLC and touch screen.

  • Operating system: Automatic.

  • Air Consumption: 8KG / cm2, 1m3 / minute.

  • Measures of equipment: W:162", L:274", H:79"

  • Net Weight: 9000 lb.

Optional Available for the Model T6000:


  • Sheet holding system type pneumatic press.

  • Oven divisible up to 6 parts for energy saving.

  • Oven with double positioning on the sheet.

  • Oven with areas of different temperatures program independently.

  • Upper mold for materials greater than 3/16" working the system with double mold type male-female.

  • 7.5 hp vacuum pump.

  • 20 different programmable work recipes.


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